Crescent Meadow
Crescent Meadow - Little Creek

Crescent Meadow Creek and Pacific Treefrogs – Sequoia National Park - California

27 may 2008

Now an example of my yield from our trip to California in May 2008:

One of my favourite recording places was Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park in the southern Sierra Nevada/California.

It was actually recordings by Bernie Krause that turned me on to this place and I can really recommend it. Although it his perfectly accessible by car with a big parking lot, the tenacious nature recordist will have it exclusively to himself from shortly before dusk (when all the day tourists leave) till way in the morning.

And it is one of those places where you are very likely to find real silence… almost heaven to a Central European. Even airplanes are relatively rare!

At night I found the lovely babbling of the little creek and the glorious Pacific Treefrogs (Pseudacris regilla). The recording is from May 27 2008 ca. 10pm.

Listening to the recording brings me back up the Sierra among the sequoias immediately.

The gear was my Sennheiser MKH80/20 MS-combo, Sounddevices MP-2 and the Edirol R-4.