Pico Creek Estuary California
Pico Creek Estuary

Pico Creek - San Simeon – California

10 may 2008

On our trip through California we stayed for one night in San Simeon south of Big Sur.

On our arrival late at night on May 9 I found an interesting little river called Pico Creek, where the Pacific Treefrogs were very active. Being utterly tired I decided to have a few hours of sleep and to come back early in the morning, hoping the frogs would still be active before dawn. So back I was around 4.30am and found some of the frogs still active, so I quickly set up my gear and left for a walk along the beach.

The recording turned out to be quite interesting as gradually the dawn chorus built up with a lot of species and calls that I had never heard before. The roar of the surf can be clearly heard on the left.

This excerpt is my favourite with a lot of different things going on. If anybody could let me know about the species, I would be very grateful.

The gear again is my Sennheiser MKH80/20 combo with Sounddevices MP-2 and the Edirol R-4.