Versaca Valley
Valle Verzasca

Verzasca River – Valle Verzasca near Aquino – Ticino – Switzerland

31 august 2008

During a short weekend vacation in Ticino/Switzerland, we went to a place that I have known since my childhood days: The Valle Verzasca.

The Verzasca River is a wild mountain creek that over the millenia dug its bed deep into the local granite.

After a while I found a good place to put my hydrophones in a little sinuosity some meters downstream from a little cataract. I used a rock as a sound barrier to get a good stereo picture and put the hydrophones on its sides. I very much liked the result.

The gear was two Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR, the Sounddevices MP-2 and my Edirol R-44. The recording was made on august 31, 2008.